LGBTQ+ Wedding Ceremonies

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ceremonies

Marriage equality is legal in the United States. I am available and happy to present a beautiful customized wedding ceremony for the LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community celebrating your marriage commitment and love along with your family and friends.


It is an honor to officiate wedding ceremonies for all people that are truly in love with each other.


Your heart will definitely be touched. Do you choose to create and say your own personal vows to each other?


You will be provided options to choose from and your wedding ceremony will be absolutely beautiful and memorable. You and your family, friends and guests will be delighted with your lovely ceremony created just for the two of you.


Whether it’s signing your legal license, short I DO’s, or a formal ceremony, we will make it happen together. What type of ceremony are you desiring for your special wedding day? It’s going to be a joyful event! Let’s get it started. Time wise, your wedding ceremony will take 15 to 30 minutes depending on what you choose. It is a pleasure to pronounce you as the happily married couple. Ready to get married?


Love for all…same sex weddings!

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